program showcase

For 20 years the Tower of Youth has invited teen youth from across the US and Canada to share their best movie works that are curated by our regional jury of their peers who spend more than 3 weeks poring over and selecting the 40 or so entry jewels that are then hosted and screened by our Sacramento Sierra regional audience. Youth movie making is inspired, self revelatory, authentic and profound in the span of serious and important content beyond the commercial fare produced with millions and millions of dollars for profit and to embed a paradigm about American life and values. Not so with great teen productions that are aimed at truth telling, examination of social extremes and controversy, and capturing the reel humor in their worlds eye view.

This pinnacle 20th year, we will have archived over 1500 works of youth movie art that represents the pioneering creations of the first 2 decades of the 21st Century by teens who were the first to take media arts in high school, to speak their piece and forge career pathways into an unblueprinted future. This treasure is passionate and beautiful in the extreme. TOY's intention has always been to dramatically support youth and their families to influence our schools to make digital media arts literacy and technology the essential skill in every classroom. TOY advocates loading universal child and youth cell phones with an individual education plan to guide every student to gather and bring all class content to around the clock educators at schools without traditional walls, who must be trained to teach project based, civic engagement, creative and wisdom instilling learning as the new paradigm of public and private education.

This October we will invite and convene our TOY alumni, after this Anniversary Film Day, to show that "Creative Careers Bloom", to share their proudest achievements and look at what must be done to drive their real workforce success in the digital era. We live into revolutionary times...and...Youth are the Solution!

----- William Bronston, MD CEO